Monday, January 13, 2020

                                     By Wayne W Hansen

We are the great people of northern Europe. We are the Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic people, and we are the nordic race. We are part of the European white race of people.

Odin is the Norse God and Frigga is the Norse Goddess of our tribe. Odin is the great name of God for the nordic people. Frigga is the great name of Goddess for the nordic people.

We are following the religious teaching of the nordics. This article promotes nordic-odinism, a spiritual teaching for the year 2020. This article does not promote ancient odinism, or myth odinism. This teaching of nordic-odinism guides us to make our religion which will be for nordic-white people only.

Odin descends from the spiritual world to reestablish the principles of religion. Odin is the Viking King and Frigga is the Viking Queen. Odinism teaches to separate the races. Racism is natural and promotes the health of our race. Racism is positive and bigotry is negative. Now we have our racial God to serve and his name is Odin.

Odin arrives on Earth to conquer the demons and to promote odinism. By chanting the names of Odin and Frigga we make spiritual progress. Odin is the racial God of white people, like Krishna is the racial God of hindu people. Odin is an avatara, incarnation, from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Our Odin movement is authorized by the Personality of Godhead himself, Odin. There is an important spiritual teaching called Krishnaism where we learn about several incarnations of Creator. Now nordic-odinism explains about the Viking King incarnation of Creator which is not listed in the ancient India scripture books. We have it much more difficult as our scripture books have been lost to us.

Odinism is the natural religion for nordic people as our religion is race and nature based. Odin and Frigga are transcendental, supernatural, and spiritual. The original father of this movement is Lord Odin himself. Odinism is essential in nordic countries as our racial survival depends on racial religions. Odinism offers the highest perfection of life, the ultimate goal of life which is to have a spiritual body in the spiritual sky.

Odinism gives white people a chance at spiritual life and racial life. Odinism corrects the thinking of nordic people from being racially conquered to having our own countries, like the other races have one-race countries. Odin might have appeared in this flat-earth-dome or not. There are hundreds of flat-earth-domes in the material universes where I believe Odin appeared. We have racial memory of calling our Creator Odin. We are following the teaching of our race.

When the creation is great that means the Creator is great. Look at how good looking nordic people are, how talented we are, and how we build advanced societies. We came from Creator Odin. Our natural position is to serve Creator. When we make our race great than Odin feels great.

We accept the truth that we have learned from Odin. We tell others what we know. We qualify ourselves to receive the truth from Odin. We listen and wait for Odin to reveal the truth to us. I do not see any hope of survival for nordic people from the next mud flood, empcoe plasma, earthchanges event, without a divine intervention.

By the grace of Lord Odin we are learning the spiritual truth that is best for nordic people. The purpose of odinism is to deliver us from material existence. We do not want to reincarnate down here and be a baby again. We do not want to drown in the next mud flood. We need to qualify ourselves spiritually to be rescued and delivered to the higher world.

The students of odinism learn that we are suffering in the material world because our soul wanted to leave the spiritual world and come here. We realize our mistake and now we take to spiritual life the best we can. We want to do devotional service to Odin and Frigga which is religious work. Making an Odin temple in an all-nordic farm community would be excellent devotional service. Spiritual progress is eternal and material progress is temporary. The soul is eternal and the body is temporary. We want to do spiritual work and continue to advance to the spiritual world.

Practicing odinism will someday make us perfect and we will leave this material universe and enter the Kingdom of Odin. Devotees of Odin want to go to Odin's world in the spiritual sky. Devotees of Krishna want to go to Krishna's world in the spiritual sky. There we will experience eternity, knowledge, and bliss. This will end reincarnation for us and we will never have to return to the material sky.

We are conditioned souls restricted to reincarnation on low material worlds like Earth, until we take to spiritual life. We should take advantage of the opportunity we have to become devotees of Odin and advance as much as we can. What we do this life determines the next body we get. By becoming a nordic-odinist we help our entire nordic race move up higher to the spiritual world, as we are connected racially.

The Creator Supreme Person expanded Himself into many Gods for eternity, knowledge, bliss, and to help the souls in the material sky. The Creator is a person increasing spiritual bliss by being many Gods at the same time. Odin is one of these Gods, and Frigga is one of these Goddesses.

We do not have access to the scripture books about the many appearances of Odin in the material sky, in the many flat-earth-domes. In our faith we see Odin coming to a world to help the white people in many ways. We learn about the importance of the incarnation of Odin on a material world. This could mean the difference in the next birth we get, or a better spiritual life on a higher world. We can choose to have a material career and stay down here for a hundred lifetimes with birth, disease, old age, death, and reincarnation. Or we can choose to have a spiritual career with a good religion and keep advancing from third dimension Earth all the way up to the spiritual dimension.

Many people see how awful this world is and they complain against God. They do not realize that we are prisoners, that it is us who commited a crime in the spiritual world, and that we are the guilty party, not God. God comes personally to the material sky to give us spiritual life so we can reform and be released from this prison. Now we are learning about the importance of the incarnations of Krishna and Odin. This means the difference between spiritual freedom or material prison.

Following anti-white religions destroys our minds, then our race, then our homeland. Odin teaches us to follow the principles of nordic religion. Let's learn what the truth is from him. Let's learn what his plan is for the nordic people on Earth. Now we have our racial God, Odin. Now we have our racial Goddess, Frigga. Now we have our racial religion, nordic-odinism.

We see Odin and Frigga as the Emperor and Empress of the nordic race of people in this flat-earth-dome, and on many other worlds where nordic people live. Odin is our Allfather and Frigga is our Allmother and someday we will see them on the Throne of the Nordic Race. When we see them we will never be the same. We will never be a materialist or anti-nordic person again.

When Odin is pleased with us he can reveal himself to us. Now we have a religious teaching that protects the nordic people and our nordic homeland. We make more spiritual progress preaching nordic-odinism than by just practicing it. Become pro-spiritual and pro-nordic and free yourself from the brainwashing trance that our race is in.

After many births and deaths we have advanced enough to get a good nordic body this time. Take advantage of the higher birth and do something important. Try to graduate from Earth school. If you get left back you go to the astral-spirit world and wait for many years. Then you incarnate into another baby body. You will lose all the knowledge you have learned and start all over again.

This article promotes the Viking King incarnation of Creator, the greatest spiritual nordic man of our race. We want our nordic race to be spiritually and racially successful. Devotional service is to hear about Odin, chant about Odin, remember Odin, worship Odin, serve Odin, pray to Odin, follow Odin, and make friends with Odin.

Happiness that comes from devotional service to Odin and Frigga is the greatest because it is eternal. It is the nature of the soul to want to serve the Supersoul. It is the nature of a drop of water to want to serve the ocean. Serving Odin in a great temple of Odin will make us feel spiritually good. Sweeping and mopping the temple floor is direct devotional service.

We want to live and work with fellow devotees of Odin. This is where the excitement is, where the fun is, and where the movement is. We want the association of nordic devotees. Great devotees of Odin are so loyal that they do not want to do any activity outside of devotional service. This is when rapid spiritual progress can be made. This is when the greatest performing art can be made. We will make odinist nordic tribal dancing to unite our race.

If we do not do anything spiritual today we do not make any spiritual progress today. If we do not make enough spiritual progress this lifetime we get left back. Like in high school getting left back means doing the school grade all over again. Odinism can save us from rebirth down here.

The viking ship is in our heart and soul and helps to unite our people. We can have viking ship rides in a lake near our farm community. It would be fun to sail in a viking ship playing music and singing songs that are favorable to our movement.

There are good nordic groups in Scandinavia like Nordfront, Generation Identity, and Soldiers of Odin. But there is danger at every step in the material world. What group is teaching the nordic people how to solve the biggest problem that we have: birth, disease, old age, death, and reincarnation. Now we have nordic-odinism to solve this problem, as we advance to the higher world after death. This will give the most help to the souls of nordic people. Receive the spiritual light from Odin. Receive the spiritual energy from Odin. Receive the spiritual truth from Odin. Make your pro-nordic group more spiritual with nordic-odinism. Our human and spiritual lives will improve with pro-nordic spiritual groups.

We are on the racial and religious path to earn our way back to the spiritual sky. Nordic-odinism is designed for our specific race to create devotional service. Nordic-odinism teaches the racial and spiritual path to God. We prepare for death every day. At the time of death we have a difficult test to pass. If we pass we get a higher birth, and if we fail we get to be a baby on Earth again.

Religion is the most important thing for the soul. Who will make spiritual history, religious history, for our race? 

The nordic race is the most valuable thing on Earth, the masterpiece of God's creation. We are created in the image and likeness of the Nordic God.

We are nordic because our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were nordic. We are nordic because our foreparents practiced racial separation one-thousand years ago, and twenty-thousand years ago. What race and homeland will you leave for your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? Our law of God is to continue our race and our homeland. Odin expects us to fight for our sacred nordic race and homeland.

Religion, media, and government, ignore our racial God and our nordic race. Many nordic people have become Godless and raceless. Nordic odinism brings back love of God and love of race, brings back pride in God and pride in race, and brings back the fighting spirit to defend our God and race.

Lord Odin descended himself to deliver all the fallen souls of this material world. Devotional service to Odin is the true religion for our nordic race. Our souls descended to this low world and with devotional service to Odin we ascend to a higher world.

Materialists want to be rich and famous but when their temporary body ends their wealth and fame is finished. Hollywood people, royals, and government leaders, who did nothing for our nordic race will be forgotten. Great devotees of Odin will be remembered. 

As the world gets worse and worse this would be a good time to take advantage of this spiritual opportunity. Our personal God will reveal himself to us more and more when we serve him. There is a reason why we have nordic human bodies. Odin is the famous pro-nordic God of the material universe.

One of the ways to resist evil is with strong spiritual life. Odin descends from the spiritual universe to teach us the nordic truth. Odin is our pro-nordic God and Frigga is our pro-nordic Goddess. The more we serve them the more they can help us. There is a need to make odinist music and sing on the street. As the world begins to collapse, and maybe never recovers this time, we still have our spiritual life, our religion, and our music, to help us survive. Think like a nordic odinist and spiritually improve your life everyday. 

Now the nordic people have our racial God. Now we have a personal relationship with Odin. Odin and Frigga will lead the way in delivering the nordic people. Odin and Frigga have a plan for us. Our plan starts with Odin religion and their plan is divine intervention. 

I have more love of God, and love for my nordic race, since I have become a new odinist. I imagine the Statue-Deities of Odin and Frigga on the alter in an odinist temple, and we make beautiful Odin viking music with drumming.

     "The God of the Nordics"

     The great race has fallen
     The famous race of the universe
     The race of Odin and Frigga
     The nordics are being conquered
     Only Odin can save us now
     Nordic-odinism for spiritual victory
     Pro-nordic government victory
     Hail Odin the Viking King
     Hail Odin the rescuer of the nordics
     Hail Odin the God of the nordics

     "For Odin and Frigga"

     We will make:
     A royal palace
     A royal viking ship
     A royal horse carriage
     A royal cavalry platoon
     A royal guard platoon
     A royal sword and shield
     And a royal throne
     For Odin and Frigga

     "Engage Our Five Senses"

     Sight: See the Deities of Odin and Frigga.
     Hearing: Hear the words and music of Odin.
     Smell: Smell the incense and flowers offered to the Deities of Odin and Frigga.
     Taste: Eat food first offered to Odin and Frigga called Odin prasadam.
     Touch: Use your hands and work for the temple.

     "Odin Marching Chant"

     I am nordic, I am proud
     I am an odinist, say it loud
     Left right left
     Odin platoon is marching in pace
     Victory for the nordic race
     Left right left
     Odin is the Viking King
     Frigga is the Viking Queen
     Left right left 
     Odin is the norse God
     Frigga is the norse Goddess
     Left right left
     Marching for Odin and Frigga
     Making a homeland for nordic people
     Left right left
     Odin platoon is marching by
     Marching back to the spiritual sky
     Left right left   

     "Odin and the Souls"
     Creator is the infinite, large
     We are the infinitesimal, small
     Ocean is the large
     Drop of water is the small
     Fire is the large
     Spark is the small
     Desert and beach is the large
     Grain of sand is the small
     Supersoul is the large
     Soul is the small
     Odin is the infinite
     Soul is the infinitesimal

     "The Idol Speaks"

     Reading the news on TV:
     "Look at my face
     I will put you in a trance
     We are the new world order
     We defeated the old world order
     We conquered the Tartarians
     We mud flooded and melted their buildings
     We have directed energy weapons
     We have fire weapons from the sky
     Now we are defeating the nordic race
     Nordics, where is your God?"

     "The New Nordic Group"

     Learning from Nordfront
     Speaking for Odin
     Learning from Generation Identity
     Drumming for Odin
     Learning from Soldiers of Odin
     Defending for Odin
     Learning from Hare Krishna
     Making music for Odin
     With love of God
     For a nordic homeland
     The new nordic group

     "Devotional Service"

     Hundreds of lives
     We did nothing
     We reincarnated again and again
     Now we have a good nordic body
     Now we have internet
     Now we have nordic-odinism
     Now we can work for Odin
     This is the highest achievement
     This is the highest reward
     Devotional service

     "Odin and Frigga"

     King and Queen
     Emperor and Empress
     Allfather and Allmother
     Male and Female
     Truth and Love
     Masculine and Feminine
     God and Goddess
     Odin and Frigga

     "Making Odinism History"

     Several nordics in a street troupe
     Playing drums with nordic rhythm
     Singing songs about nordic-odinism
     Proud of our nordic race
     Proud of our nordic religion
     Making odinism history

     "Frigga, We Call Out To You"

     Our nordic race is in great danger
     We have reached the point of no return
     But you give us hope
     Your golden throne is so beautiful to see
     You sit on the throne of nordic truth
     Your heavenly light feels so good to receive
     You lighten up the world
     The nordic drumming is finally coming back to us
     The odinist music is finally coming back to us
     Frigga, we call out to you

     "I Am Your Mother"

     Frigga, queen of beauty
     Sitting on the throne of beauty
     The queen of heaven
     The queen of the vikings
     We meditate up to you
     We feel your presence
     Will our nordic society collapse?
     Will we prepare for the collapse?
     All the work we did to make a materialist society
     Did we forget the purpose of life?
     You watch the nordics on Earth
     Which way now nordic race?
     The time of great change has come
     From the material to the spiritual
     "I am Frigga, why did you forget me?
     Why did you forget my husband?
     We are here to help our nordic race
     We can deliver you to safety
     Please meditate up to me, to my throne room
     I would like to see you
     I am here to help you
     I am your Mother"

     "We Will Not Fail"

     We fight for what is right
     We fight for what is ours
     Become heroes of our nordic race
     The viking ship is calling us back
     Odin is calling us back
     Stop the destruction of the nordic race
     Stop the destruction of nordic homeland
     In the name of Odin 
     We will not fail
     In the name of Frigga
     We will not fail 

     "Odin and Frigga Will Come to Denmark"

     Odin and Frigga
     We chant your holy names
     Wonderful Denmark is in trouble now
     The new world order makes its move
     The Odin temple is in our mind
     The Odin temple is in our heart
     We see and feel the light from your thrones
     We live and fight for Odin and Frigga
     We live and fight for Denmark
     Something spiritual will happen in Denmark
     Something great will happen in Denmark
     A divine intervention comes
     Odin and Frigga will come to Denmark

     "Victory Eternal"

     The world collapse might come
     But Odin placed us here at this time
     To master this challange
     To overcome all setbacks
     To reply with high spiritual life
     To reply with nordic nationalism
     Life is a gift from Odin
     And the nordic man says yes
     To do the job of life
     To do the job of nordic odinism
     In the darkest of times
     The nordic man finds the light
     The white light from the two thrones
     Where Odin and Frigga sit
     The nordic race is now united
     In a positive view of life
     The positive energy of life
     Is coming from Odin and Frigga
     Giving the nordic race
     Victory eternal

     "I Am a Devotee of Odin and Frigga"

     Inner freedom is feeling the divine power
     Thinking for yourself
     Being the best soul you can be
     The body goes through changes
     Birth, baby, child, youth, adult, old age, and death
     The soul keeps doing this called reincarnation
     The advanced soul has inner freedom
     Soul freedom is doing your spiritual mission
     Feel the improvement in your soul
     Make the pledge to Odin and Frigga
     I will not reincarnate down here again
     I am the inner soul not the outer body
     I will behave like an advanced soul
     Now I have inner freedom
     Now I have something of great value
     I am a devotee of Odin and Frigga

     "To Win Our Freedom"
     The inner force demands our freedom
     We demand our mind to obey our soul
     Our soul wants to be free
     Our body wants political freedom
     Odin is encouraging us to be free
     Frigga is cheering us on to be an odinist
     The odinist has personal help
     From Odin and Frigga
     The brilliant nordic leader captivates us
     Increasing the help from the other side
     From the higher power
     From the throne of Odin
     By the order of Odin
     To win our freedom

     "To the Thrones of Odin and Frigga"

     Nordic faith is believing in our people
     Our nordic race will be great again
     By the order of Odin and Frigga
     The mission of the nordic people
     Is to continue Odin's eternal creation
     The eternal life of the nordic souls
     To bring spiritual light down to Earth
     To believe in the race of Odin and Frigga
     This belief in our race
     Comes from Odin himself
     Nothing can stop us now
     Nordfront Denmark leads the way
     Generation Identity Denmark leads the way
     Soldiers of Odin Denmark leads the way
     Odinists of Denmark leads the way
     To the thrones of Odin and Frigga

     "Spiritual Victory"

     The Almighty Odin
     Carefully placed his people
     On the sacred lands of Europe
     To fulfill his purpose for us
     To complete the work of Odin
     Each nordic member works together
     In the all-nordic community
     Building what Odin has started
     We trust the pro-nordic people
     To achieve the goal of the nordics
     We dare to do something great
     From the thrones of Odin and Frigga
     We see the amazing and beautiful light
     We trust the plan of Odin and Frigga
     To achieve the goal of spiritual victory

     "Frigga Gives Us the Crown"

     Courage for our nordic race
     Bravery for our nordic God
     We march for nordic victory
     Odin and Frigga watch the nordics
     From the higher world
     Odin gives us strength
     Frigga gives us beauty
     We march for spiritual victory
     Odin gives us the sword
     Frigga gives us the crown

     "Feel the Energy From Odin and Frigga"

     The struggle to be nordic
     In an anti-nordic world
     In a world of media hoaxes
     A chance of a lifetime
     To teach the truth
     To show what nordics can do
     To be the great race of Earth
     That we were created to be
     Is this the beginning of something big?
     From being conquered to being free
     An opportunity to do something great
     For our race and our God
     For our race and our Goddess
     Feel the energy from Odin and Frigga

     "Her Name is Frigga"

     The new odinist
     Feels the power of love
     Feels the presence
     Of the Goddess of Love
     Receives the wisdom
     From the queen of the nordics
     The divine brightness of light
     A divine gift to earthly life
     An experience of a lifetime
     The Goddess energy comes down to Earth
     Feel the beauty and wonder
     Full of life and full of love
     Her name is Frigga

     "The Great Temple"

     Odin and Frigga
     God and Goddess
     Of the nordic people
     Emperor and Empress
     Of the nordic empire
     King and Queen
     Of the nordic kingdom
     Installed Deities
     Of the great temple

     "The Norden Odin Mantra"

     Norden Odin, Norden Odin, Odin Odin, Norden Norden
     Norden Frigga, Norden Frigga, Frigga Frigga, Norden Norden

     "For a Better Nordic Life"

     For nordic people
     Work is something beautiful
     To achieve the goal of life
     To make an all-nordic community
     Human life is a long suffering
     We are not the body
     We are the soul that animates the body
     The false ego believes he is the body
     The true ego believes he is the soul
     The materialist acts like he is the body
     The odinist acts like he is the soul
     We are so busy with our work
     It is like we are living in another world
     Receive the energy from the throne of Odin
     See the light from the throne of Frigga
     Endure the suffering of this material world
     For a better nordic life in the future

     "We Wait For Odin"

     The government is at war with the nordics
     But we must have patience to wait
     To tolerate the suffering
     To protect what we have
     To practice safety first
     It is difficult to wait
     But we prepare to win
     We dream about the nordic people
     And how great we can be
     When the big events start to happen
     We will be ready
     Our racial religion prepared us
     For the battle of our lives
     Odin is the powerful God of the nordics
     Feel the power of Odin
     Coming down into our soul and body
     We wait for Odin

     "The King of the Nordics"

     A new civilization will emerge
     From the ashes of the old
     Nordfront Denmark is leading the fight
     Against the anti-white world order
     The central core is the most important
     An all nordic racially conscious group
     Working underground against a corrupt state
     For the survival of our people
     But who would have known
     That this small group
     Would be empowered by Odin
     The Personality of Godhead
     The king of the nordics
     The best friend of the nordics
     Feel the spiritual power of Odin
     Coming down into your soul
     This is how we win

     "Humility Before Odin is Wisdom"

     Humility and greatness belong together
     We feel part of God's great creation
     We appreciate divinity for our life's goal
     We are happy to be on our post
     Our daily work is important
     For the well-being of the nordic people
     Humility is the spiritual and natural law
     That governs our lives
     Great people are humble before Odin
     Odin is the Norse God
     Of eternity, knowledge, and bliss
     Humility before Odin is wisdom

     "We Are Their Sons and Daughters"
     Odinism is the bridge
     From Earth to Heaven
     Where Odin and Frigga sing and dance
     A nordic celebration everyday
     The land where everyone is nordic
     With new improved bodies
     A land without racial strangers
     But there is a cost to get there
     There is no free ride
     Let's see some devotional service
     Let's see some love of God
     Let's see some spiritual life
     From your heart and soul
     To the heart and soul of Odin
     To the heart and soul of Frigga
     We are their sons and daughters

     "Odin Wants Victory"

     For the nordic soldier
     A personal risk must be taken
     Whatever the odds against him
     To do what needs to be done
     For the survival of our people
     It is our duty to serve our race
     We have the moral conviction
     That what we are fighting for is right
     We have the spiritual conviction
     That what we are fighting for is right
     Nordfront Denmark is the vanguard movement
     Odin wants victory
     Nothing else will do
     Frigga wants victory
     Nothing else will do
     Win the honor from Frigga
     The norse Goddess

     "To Prove Our Strength of Character to Odin"

     Nordic people have strength of character
     It takes mental discipline to create
     We gave the modern society to the world
     We gave the English language to the world
     We are the best race in the world
     Our soul disciplines our body
     Our soul masters our body
     The odinist walks proudly with Nordfront Denmark
     Our soul is clean and bright
     Our body is free of vaxx, drugs, and tattoos
     Our mind is free of TV brainwashing
     We have great spiritual character
     We have truth of Odin and love of Frigga
     We have a purpose in human life
     To prove our strength of character to Odin

     "We Are the Spiritual Race of Odin and Frigga"

     Nordic people have sincere goodness
     To inspire and help each other
     We have strong character and soulful energy
     We have direction and meaning in life
     Happiness is having positive morals and values
     To care about our self and other nordics
     We have self-discipline to achieve spiritual wealth
     We are rich according to who we are
     We have a personal relationship with Odin
     The God of our race
     The God of our temple
     The creative power of God and Goddess
     Brings pure happiness to our people
     We are the spiritual race of Odin and Frigga

     "Prepare For Ragnarok"

     The viking ship is in our past
     And in our nordic soul of today
     The viking spirit lives on with Nordfront Denmark
     The dragon ships of the sea have a purpose
     To awaken the nordic man
     To help make our race great again
     The vikings will fight next to our Gods
     During those days of Ragnarok
     The destruction of everything
     Ragnarok comes again as it usually does
     At the end of an age
     When Odin steers his viking ship
     To control the course of his fleet
     When Odin leads the fight of our lives
     When Odin puts on his winged helmet
     For the great battle of good
     Then the odinist vikings will achieve victory
     The message from Odin is perfectly clear
     Prepare for Ragnarok

     "Be Brave For Odin and Frigga"

     Odin was with the brave nordfront men
     Who swam to the viking ship in Denmark
     And climbed up on the dragon ship
     Who raised the flag of our race
     Who raised the flag of Odin
     The arrow of the flag points up
     To where Odin lives
     We are pro-nordic vikings
     We are spiritually brave
     Odin and Frigga favor the brave
     We practice bravery in times of peace
     To be brave when needed
     With spiritual bravery
     Every danger can be defeated
     As the power of Odin is inside of us
     Be brave and take to spiritual life
     While others are in a brainwashed trance
     Be brave for the nordic race
     Be brave for Odin and Frigga

     "King of the Nordic Souls"

     The odinist patriot supports Nordfront Denmark
     It is our time to make history
     Feel the power of Odin on our side
     We are the vanguard of the pro-nordic movement
     Odin has a plan for the nordic race
     To experience victory for our people
     To practice God loyalty and racial loyalty
     Odin loyalty and nordic loyalty
     Religion loyalty to Odin and Frigga
     Racial loyalty to the nordic people
     We should follow Odin's plan for us
     Our spiritual and racial God
     King of the viking kings
     King of the nordic souls

     "For the Spiritual Victory"

     The nordic man has inner purity
     Goodness to do the right thing
     Being positive and inspiring every moment
     To teach the message of the nordics
     To march with purity and goodness
     For the nordic victory
     To be a part of Odin's great army
     To be a part of Frigga's great temple
     To preach the message of Odin and Frigga
     To ensure eternal life for nordic souls
     For the spiritual victory

     "Odin Is Always With Us"

     Be true to your commitments to your people
     For the survival of the nordic race
     Defend the land that you inherited
     Stop the genocide of our folk
     Have passion for nordic honor
     Listen to what your soul is saying to you
     We are the people of the light
     We are the people of Odin and Frigga
     We were born with divine qualities
     We are the eternal soul
     Not the temporary body
     We have great value to Odin
     Because we are spiritual like him
     We are never alone
     Odin is always with us

     "We March To Odin and Frigga"

     Be the hope of the free world
     Fight the genocide
     Of our high culture
     Of our unique race
     Marching in row after row
     With battle axe in hand
     Proud to be nordic
     To meet the enemy together
     As brothers and sisters
     United as never before
     Playing drums and singing songs
     Feel the hidden power of destiny
     The divine power is at work
     Our religion is nordic now
     Our religion is spiritual now
     We march to Odin and Frigga

     "To Live With Odin and Frigga"

     Good breeding and discipline is the first law
     The most natural law of creation
     To improve the breed of your human race
     To preserve the purity of race
     To continue our nordic heritage
     To continue our European white heritage
     Never sin against your race
     Work everyday to improve your race
     Work everyday to improve your soul
     A healthy body is needed to house our small soul
     A good body is valuable for the soul to progress
     We need physical body discipline
     We need spiritual soul discipline
     To bring our entire nordic race
     Up to the eternal spiritual world
     To live with Odin and Frigga

     "Odin is the Nordic God"

     The question of religion
     Where is your God nordic man?
     Odin is the creator of the nordics
     The question of race
     Where is your all-nordic country nordic man?
     Odin wants all-nordic countries for his people
     The question of government
     Where is your king nordic man?
     Odin is the king of the nordics
     The more devotional service we do
     To the eternal Odin and Frigga
     The more they reveal themselves to us
     The more life-power they send to us
     To defeat the enemy of God and race
     Odin is the nordic God
     Frigga is the Viking Queen

     "The Royal Viking Ship"

     To secure our nordic territory
     Our place on Earth
     We look to Nordfront Denmark
     The vanguard of the nordics
     We look to the Royal Viking Ship
     Where Odin and Frigga sit
     See and feel the spiritual light and energy
     Coming from the divine couple
     The first couple of the nordics
     Coming from the throne in the back
     The wooden ship with the large gold sail
     The wooden ship where scriptures come from
     The viking books of Odin
     The theater books of Frigga
     Feel the spiritual joy
     Of seeing Odin and Frigga

     "I Dub Thee Viking of Odin"

     Nordic people practice courtesy and politeness
     Before the wooden thrones of Odin and Frigga
     In the temple of the wooden viking ship
     Where our God and Goddess sit
     We practice viking chivalry
     Our religious and moral code of honor
     We approach the throne and bow or curtsy
     "My Lord Odin, my Lady Frigga
     Just being in your presence our sins are removed."
     We kneel on the kneeling step
     Odin taps his battle axe on our shoulders
     We say, "I will defend the nordic race."
     Frigga taps her crown on our shoulders
     We say, "I will be loyal to the nordic race."
     Frigga says, "I dub thee Viking of Odin."

     "Be a Hero to God and Race"

     The nordic man is ready to sacrifice
     To understand the nordic obligation
     To understand the duty of service
     To submit to military discipline
     To complete the creative work of Odin
     To rejoice with gratitude for Frigga
     So the eternal existence of the nordics
     Is saved, free, and happy
     Feel the power of nordic Odin
     Be a hero to God and race 

     "Hear the Voice of Odin and Frigga"

     The nordic man wants to be the best he can be
     To master life with the fighting nordic spirit
     Our attitude must inspire us
     Our actions must be meaningful
     To have enthusiasm for work and readiness
     To accept our sacred obligation
     To exalt the nordic race
     Our true soul purpose
     Is mastering human life
     The nordic man is a spiritual man
     Listen to the voice of nature
     The wind on the trees
     The wind on the viking ship
     Hear the voice of Odin and Frigga

     "Give Your Honor to No One"

     Nordic man
     Give your soul to Odin
     Your heart to your wife
     Your body to nordic homeland
     And your honor to no one
     Odinism is the religion of the vikings
     They listened to the music of the waters
     They watched the dance of the waves
     Nature taught them about Odin
     They heard the voice of Odin
     "Give your nordic homeland to no one else"
     They heard the voice of Frigga
     "Give your honor to no one" 

     "This is the Highest Achievement"

     Allmother Frigga
     Devotional service to you 
     Is the highest achievement 
     Love of God and Love of Goddess
     Is the highest achievement
     Seeing you on your throne
     Is the highest achievement
     Receiving your spiritual light
     Is the highest achievement
     Please send your light
     To the good people of Nordfront Denmark
     They think doing material things
     Is going to defeat the new world order
     When will they make music for you on the street?
     When will they chant Odin and Frigga on the street
     This is the highest achievement

     "You Are the Parents of Our Souls

     Spiritual Odin and Spiritual Frigga
     Creator of the nordic world
     When will Nordfront Denmark accept you?
     How long is this going to take?
     To create a movement of spiritual history
     To create a movement of spiritual beauty
     So you can be proud of us
     So you can invite us to go to your world
     So you can invite us to your palace and throne
     So you can give them the Nordfront Denmark medal
     So we can go back to where our souls came from
     You are the parents of our souls 

     "We Want Your Divine Intervention"

     Odin and Frigga
     We are your devotees
     We want to live
     And not be burned
     With Directed Energy Weapons
     We want to make Odin temples
     We want to make odinist music and dance
     We want our nordic children
     To be free from vaxx and the mask
     We want to do devotional service to you
     We want to make spiritual progress
     We want your divine intervention 

     "The New Denmark for Nordic People"

     The odinist revolutionary
     Supports Nordfront Denmark
     To create a new society
     To reject the anti-nordic society
     To be a spiritual force
     Against the new world order
     To build something new
     On the ruins of the old
     Study the Mud Flood of 1812
     Look for the dirt up to the first window
     Look at the burned and melted buildings
     Odin and Frigga are the foundation
     Of the new Denmark for nordic people